Text Message Marketing - 30 reasons to LOVE SMS Text Marketing

1-5 Reasons to LOVE SMS Texting

1. Texting is the most widely-used and frequently used app on a smartphone, with 97% of Americans using it at least once a day. (Pew Internet)

2. People worldwide will send 8.3 trillion text messages in just this year alone. That’s almost 23 billion messages per day, or almost 16 million messages per minute. (Portio Research)

3. Over 6 billion text messages are sent in the U.S. each day. (Forrester)

4. Over 80% of American adults text, making it the most common cell phone activity. (Pew Internet)

5. Text messages have a 98% open rate, while email has only a 20% open rate. (Mobile Marketing Watch)

6-10 Reasons to LOVE SMS Texting

6. Text messaging has a 45% response rate, while email only has a 6% response rate. (Velocify)

7. Texting takes up 14.1% of cell phone users’ time. (Nielsen)

8. 90% of all text messages are read in under 3 minutes. (Connect Mogul)

9. Text messages are read on average in under 􀃒ve seconds. (SlickText)

10. 75% of phones worldwide (4.5 billion) are text-enabled (DuoCall Communications)

10-15 Reasons to LOVE SMS Texting

11. 96% of smartphone users text. (Acision)

12. Americans sent 69,000 texts every second in 2012 (CTIA)

13. The average adult spends a total of 23 hours a week texting (USA Today)

14. The average Millennial exchanges an average of 67 text messages per day (Business Insider)

15. On average, Americans exchange twice as many texts as they do calls (Nielsen)

16-20 Reasons to LOVE SMS Texting

16. Only 43% of smartphone owners use their phone to make calls, but over 70% of smartphone users text
(Connect Mogul)

17. 55% of heavy text message users (50+ texts per day) say they would prefer to receive a text over a phone
call (Pew Research Center)

18. In 2011, 31% of Americans said they preferred text messages to phone calls (Pew Research Center)

19. It takes the average person 90 minutes to respond to email, but only 90 seconds to respond to a text message. (CTIA)

20. American women text 14% more than men. (Nielsen)

21-25 Reasons to LOVE SMS Texting

21. 79% of companies believe customers want SMS/text support. (ICMI)

22. 38% of contact centers currently o􀃗er SMS, and 23% have plans to add it in the next 12 months. That
means 61% of contact centers will o􀃗er SMS support in 2016. (Dimension Data)

23. 80% of people are currently using texting for business. (eWeek)

24. One in 􀃒ve consumers is just as likely to prefer a text message from a business to a phone call. (ICMI)

25. The activities people with text capabilities would most prefer to do via text are: check order status (38%)
schedule or change appointments (32%) and make or confirm reservations (31%). (Harris poll; link below)

26-30 Reasons to LOVE SMS Texting

26. Over half of customers said they would be likely to text with a customer support agent. Similarly, 52
percent would prefer texting customer support over their current preferred form of communication.

27. A 2012 study found that text was the highest rated contact method for customer satisfaction out of all
other customer communication channels. Text earned 90 out of 100 points, while phone earned 77 out of
100 and Facebook earned 66. (CFI Group)

28. Millenials prefer automated text messaging over IVR, including speech-based solutions (Frost & Sullivan)

29. Over one-third of business professionals say they can’t go 10 minutes without responding to a text.

30. SMS text chat converts a $6-$20 call to a chat that costs pennies per session. (Forrester & ContactBabel)


Conversion gains when using texting in the sales process


Consumers would like to have offers sent to them via SMS.


Consumers have Positive Perception of companies that use SMS-Texting


Consumers would rather receive product details via text over any other channel.


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Ken Spohn - KenSpohn.com

I love Text marketing! I can have me in touch with all my clients almost instantly...it's made HUGE difference in my Coaching business.

Brian Kelly - ReachYourPeakLLC.com

In my experience the best platform for not only successfully delivering messages, but delivering messages that are actually OPENED and READ, is text messaging. Couple this with a service like PowerTexting.com that gives you the ability to send a series of messages much like that of an email auto-responder service, and you now have the recipe for marketing success.

Damien Coughlan - The Irish Marketer

Converting in Shopify 64% higher and picking up 37% more abandoned carts using Text Message Reminders the cart is still waiting for them.

Chris Record - ChrisRecord.tv

Instant Views on my YouTube Channel... Texting gets my videos watched, my views are coming faster, and that helps increases my subscribers and my income.  Life is good!

Maximizing the Profit Potential and Satisfaction of every Customer, every time!

Almost 25% of marketers are currently using text messaging. Over 65% of them report SMS as being “Incredibly Effective.”


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